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1Forum Icons Empty Forum Icons on Tue 4 Feb - 10:40:59

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Request Type: Forum/Topic Icons
Size: Approximately 40 x 40... Though you are more than welcome to mess with the size if you need.
Main Color(s): See below information...
Secondary Color(s): See below information...
Images to Include: See below information...
Text to Insert: G, A, S
Preferred Font: Something Standard.
Font Color: Brown or Black
Additional Info: Okay so I know I didn't really provide a lot of information above, but I am going to try and give as detailed a description as I can here...
As the situation stands I am assisting with the construction of a wolf forum and we have been struggling with icons for the forums/topics. Now the head admin has come up with what I think to be a truly wonderful layout. But like I said we are kind of struggling with icons that match it...

We have temporary ones right now of wolfs eyes and they are alright but we are hoping for something better done I guess. The current ones are as follows:
New Topic: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Old Topic: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Locked Topic: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

We would like to stick with the whole wolf theme so maybe something with a paw print? Or could keep the eye image. Up to the designer. We would also like it square instead of circular. And a more noticeable difference between the New Topic and Old Topic ones? More noticeable than the two we have now. And if we could also get one for hot topics (sorry I don't really have any ideas for that one), Global Announcements, Announcements, and Stickies. That would be swell.

For the Global, Announcement, and Sticky ones there doesn't have to be a picture at all, just an image the same shape and size as the rest with maybe a letter in them to indicate, announcement or sticky. G, A, and S.

Sorry if that's not really enough to go on but hopefully it will be. The forum has a brown theme to it... If you need to see it to get an idea what might work it can be found here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I know its kind of a big request and sorry for that... If it can't be done please let me know, its perfectly all right. Or if you need me to break it up maybe? Or whatever.
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2Forum Icons Empty Re: Forum Icons on Tue 4 Feb - 16:54:20

Selvester, do you have a Skype account where I can discuss this request with you? If not, I can happily join this wolf site (if you don't mind), and discuss it in the chatbox there with you and we can make this request into something amazing that everyone will love. Wink

Thanks for your info!

3Forum Icons Empty Re: Forum Icons on Wed 5 Feb - 12:11:19

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I do not have a skype account... It is something I have considered in the past but its just something I have never needed to use and never would use so I haven't seen much point in having one.

You're more than welcome to join the wolf forum or if there is somewhere else you would like to meet. Smile
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