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1Partner with AdminsRealm! Empty Partner with AdminsRealm! on Fri 9 May - 1:19:38

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Partner with AdminsRealm!

Hello Guest,
Welcome to the Official Partner with AdminsRealm thread. This thread serves the purpose of allowing members and staff to partner their sites with us and link to us on their site and we link their site here on AdminsRealm. Below is some information as to what this is all about!

What is Partnering?:
Partnering is when both your site and AdminsRealm add our affiliate image to each others site. Linking back to our sites so that both communities can see the website and it is also another way of promoting your site.

How long does partnership last?:
Partnership lasts forever, or until you ask us to remove the link. So it is permanent promotion!

Can you change the link or banner image?:
If you have a new link or banner image, we would be happy to change it for you here on AdminsRealm so that it links back to the correct site.

Does this help our site?:
Yes! You are getting free promotion by simply linking back to us and we do the same. You don't have to renew or anything!

Partnership Bonus:
Yes, there is a bonus to partnering with AdminsRealm. Anybody who is a partner with AdminsRealm will be allowed to use the Partner with AdminsRealm! Inpro10prefix on their promotion thread!

How to partner with AdminsRealm:
To partner with us, simply click on the Affiliates page and add our Affiliate Banner, not the text. Once you do that, PM Jadster and provide the template below with all the information filled out!

Partnership Form:
[b]Site URL:[/b]
[b]Banner URL:[/b]


Note: Any site found violating the TOS of Forumotion will not be partnered with! We also reserve the right to remove your banner at any time if we feel it is necessary.

AdminsRealm Team

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2Partner with AdminsRealm! Empty Re: Partner with AdminsRealm! on Wed 14 May - 12:31:19

Graphic Designer
Content Removed ~ Jadster
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Kite~ wrote:Content Removed ~ Jadster

Please read the update. It states this should be PM'ed.

Topic Locked!
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