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AdminsRealm Warning System

Hello Guest,
Welcome to the AdminsRealm Warning System thread. Here, we are going to explain to you about what our warning system actually is, how warnings affect you, and how you can appeal a warning.


What are warnings?:
A warning is a visual way to know that you have broken or refused to follow our site rules on numerous occasions. We as a staff give 3 reminders on any sort of rule break or violation before we give a warning. As you can see in your warning bar, you have 5 bars in there. A warning will decrease that amount by 1 or more bars depending on how severe your punishment is. After you get your first warning, there are no more reminders given to you, the next time you break a rule, you get another warning. So please be sure to read our rules and understand them so we the staff don't have to give warnings, we really don't like having to do that.

How does a warning affect me?:
Once your account has received a warning, you may lose some privileges around our website depending on why the warning was issued to your account. Earning a warning also prevents you from joining our staff team entirely. We do not hire members who have any sort of warning issued to their account, no matter the reason. A warning doesn't mean you are a bad user by any means, it just means you need to read our rules again and make sure you don't make the same mistake again.

How long does a warning last?:
All warnings that are given by the staff are permanent! There is no way to get your warning bar back up after receiving a warning unless you get the warning appealed but we will go more into that soon. But there is no way to have a warning to be removed from your account other then appealing it. So please don't message us asking us to remove your warning.

How to get a warning appealed?:
If you think that your warning was given falsely without proper evidence or you have a legitimate reason why your actions should be justified and have the warning removed, then you need to send a PM to Jadster. You will need to explain to him why your warning should be appealed and he will handle your request from there. If he agrees to appealing your warning, your warnings will be removed and you will be sent on your way. If it is not appealed, nothing will happen, your warning will just stay there.

What is a serious warning?:
A serious warning is the lowest warning level that you can be set at before being banned from AdminsRealm. This can occur by majorly violating our rules, spamming the site, or by being a returning banned member. If you are a banned member and you return to AdminsRealm, we will allow that but you will receive a serious warning again because we do not allow banned members to have a 2nd chance.

Warning List:
Here is a list of all our warning bars used here at AdminsRealm.
Warning System Rlmedi10 (No Warnings)
Warning System 2q0kt110 (1 Warning)
Warning System 2czsyl10 (2 Warnings)
Warning System 2n9vxq10 (3 Warnings)
Warning System 2qlfr010 (Serious Warning)
Warning System 2mqlso10 (Banned)

AdminsRealm Team

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