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Submitting a Tutorial

Hello Guest,
Welcome to the official thread on how to submit your own tutorial here at AdminsRealm. Tutorials are just like guides on how to do something to your website to make it better. All kinds of tutorials are accepted, some that are old, some that are new. If you have a good tutorial that you think others would enjoy, then share it with us. Here are a few things you may wonder about tutorials.

How do I submit a tutorial?:
To submit a tutorial for AdminsRealm, you just need to PM the tutorial to BlackDragon and he will take it from there. All tutorials will be looked over for copied material and if your site meets our requirements and is 100% safe, we will have it added to the tutorial list.

Will I be mentioned in my tutorial?:
Yes, if you are the submitter of a tutorial, you will get credit for the work. All work that you do in the tutorials will be properly stated and credited. We as the staff will not take any credit for the work that our members do so you don't have to worry. You will receive 100% credit for the tutorial.

How many tutorials can we give?:
There is no limit as to how many tutorials you can provide to us. The more tutorials that you provide us the better. We currently have no cap as to how many you can provide to us. We just ask that you don't spam the staff about tutorials and submitting them. If you have questions regarding tutorials, please ask them in the Member Support forum or PM BlackDragon.

Do we get anything from providing tutorials?:
Yes, if a member provides us 5 quality and accepted tutorials will receive a special rank such as the Helper rank but this one is a Tutorial Contributor rank. It has the same principle as the Helper rank and doesn't mean you are staff but it just shows you are a contributor to the website by providing quality tutorials that have been accepted. For more information on the tutorial contributor rank, visit the Tutorial Contributor thread.


The staff would like to thank you for taking a look at this thread and please be sure to ask us any questions about tutorials if you ever have any. We would be glad to clear things up for you if needed. We hope you decide to give us some tutorials and please check back often for any updates to this thread.

AdminsRealm Team

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