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1Dashes in Domains Empty Dashes in Domains on Thu 23 Jan - 16:29:19

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It's not a hidden fact that good domains are disappearing over time. It's to be expected as desired combinations get snagged. If you were to really want a domain but the only way to get it is by using a dash, would you do so? Why/why not? What are your thoughts on dash domains? Do you think they are able to achieve success?
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2Dashes in Domains Empty Re: Dashes in Domains on Thu 23 Jan - 17:13:48

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Well I have actually used several dashed domains as it has been the only way to achieve close to my desired result.... I do believe they are a bit harder to keep active and attract new members though as most people, most people I know anyway, don't look to be putting in dashes... I think it partly makes remembering the domain seem harder for some. You forget the dash and suddenly you could be on a completely different site.
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