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1Tapatalk, ForumRunner, GoMobile Empty Tapatalk, ForumRunner, GoMobile on Tue 21 Jan - 13:43:41

J Greig
So, most forums will probably use the great app for viewing forums through your mobile device, TapaTalk. While this is a great app, many users of the app have experienced problem and have then switched to ForumRunner. I love both apps, but for anyone using MyBB you can install a plugin called GoMobile. This then adds a new mobile theme to your forum and automatically detects mobile devices, so there is no need for extra apps.

I'm not quite sure what mobile apps there is available for other forum software, I only know of TouchBB (I think it's called that). Has anyone used it?
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2Tapatalk, ForumRunner, GoMobile Empty Re: Tapatalk, ForumRunner, GoMobile on Tue 27 May - 22:09:40

Tommy Lee
Support Moderator
I don't like Tapatalk it's rubbish it would be good if you could create a forum app using different hosts options.
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