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1Admin AdminsRealm Update (5/8/14) on Fri 9 May - 1:31:02

Lead Administrator
AdminsRealm Update (5/8/14)

Hello Guest,
Welcome to the lastest update thread here at AdminsRealm! This thread is a list of all the new updates that we have and are wanting to share with you all!

New Topic Prefixes:
AdminsRealm has gone ahead and added some new topic prefixes to the site for the members & staff to use! All the prefixes can be seen in the spoiler!

AdminsRealm Prefixes:
Solved: This is for all Solved issues & threads. (All Members)
AdminsRealm Update (5/8/14) Solved10

In Progress: This is for all issues currently being worked on. (Staff Only)
AdminsRealm Update (5/8/14) Workin11

Partner: This is to mark all the partner users promotion threads. (Staff ONly)
AdminsRealm Update (5/8/14) Inpro10

Admin: This is used when an Admin is needed in a thread. (Staff Only)
AdminsRealm Update (5/8/14) Import12

Staff Removal:
All inactive staff have been removed. The only remaining staff is Sir Chivas™ and myself. If you are interested in joining the staff team. Send a PM to Jadster.

Looking for Partners:
AdminsRealm is currently looking for partners! Interested? Then head over to Partner with AdminsRealm!


Thank you for taking the time to read this update thread and we will be sure to update you if there is any new things being added to AdminsRealm!

AdminsRealm Team

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