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AdminsRealm Rules & Guidelines

Hello there Guest,

We are glad that you are taking the time to read our forum's rules. These rules are pretty standard and are mostly common sense and as long as you follow them, you should have a very enjoyable time here with us. Here you can also find out about our infraction system (warning system) and what they all mean. Please read all of our rules and be sure that you understand them.

Posting Guidelines

Innapropriate Language: We kindly ask that you use a proper language here at AdminsRealm. We will not accept flame wars, arguments and other actions. If you have a problem, send a PM to an Administrator or Manager.

Respect: You must be respectful in threads and posts that you make. If you decide to be disrespectful to another member or to a staff, your post/thread will be removed and you will be warned for your action(s). Everyone here is equal and will be treated as such.

Spam Thread/Post: Making a post containing nothing relevant to the topic at hand will just me marked as spam and be moved to the garbage. We just ask that you make all your topics and posts reasonable and on topic so that we don't have to move them to the trash.

On Topic: We ask that you keep all of your thread and posts on topic so that we the staff don't have to go in and change your post/thread or have to remove it because it wasn't on topic. We want you to enjoy making posts and threads, we just ask you stay on topic when you do so.

Bumping: You are permitted to bump a thread of yours every 24 hours if it has not received any replies during that 24 hour time span. This helps prevent spamming of topics in the forums.

Advertising Guidelines

Basic Advertising: You may advertise and promote your site in the Advertising forum only! You are not allowed to promote your site anywhere else other then there. Also, you are not allowed to advertise websites which have illegal or innapropriate content.

PM Advertising: Anybody caught promoting their site or any other site outside of AdminsRealm via PM will have their PM privileges removed and will not be given the chance to earn it back at any time.

Cash Advertising: Advertising any sites offering cash or asking for cash in any way is strictly prohibited and will earn you a permanent ban from AdminsRealm.

Avatar/Miscellaneous Guidelines

Avatar: Your avatar must be respectful and a decent size. Please do not use huge avatars and please refrain from using any inappropriate avatars here at AdminsRealm as some of our members are below the age of 18.

Signature: Members are not permitted to have signatures since we do not want them adding huge images to promote any sites in them or making their signatures look unorganized. Only staff are allowed to have signatures and it will remain that way.

Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts are not allowed at any time. If you are caught having multiple accounts then they will both be banned and removed. Please stick to 1 account only.

Banned Account: If you have been banned before and made a new account, then the new account will be given a serious warning because you are a returning banned member. You do not get 2nd chances.

Staff Complaints: If you have a complaint about a staff member, then please PM your complaint to the Administrators about the staff member in order to handle it appropriately. Please do not go out and make a meaningless thread about it.

Warnings: If you receive a warning, it is because you have been constantly breaking our TOS here at AdminsRealm. Please be sure that you read the rules and understand them. Also, all warnings are permanent!

Moderation Policy

Minor Offenses: These will result in a simple reminder from a staff member.

Serious/Repeated Offenses: These will result in a warning or loss of privileges.

Extreme Offenses: These will result in temporary or permanent bans.

We thank you for reading the TOS of AdminsRealm and we hope that you understand our expectations here at AdminsRealm. If you are confused about anything here in the rules, then feel free to PM a staff member for help. We will be glad to assist you and helping you on the right track.

AdminsRealm Administration

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